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Marketing Aint Easy

May 27th, 2015

Marketing Aint Easy

I have a hard time with marketing. Also with writing. Way way back when I was in High School, I can remember a snotty individual telling me that "Art classes are Mickey Mouse classes!" Of course at that time I just cringed and walked away from said individual. It's great being an artist and it's hard being an artist. No one tells you about all the other parts of being an artist that you must do if you intend to sell any of it. When it comes to marketing, I really have to push myself. I like being in my quiet space painting or drawing, but having to push my work out there can be tough. For one thing, you are forced to take your mind off of creating as you try to figure out how to market and then you're expected to "know" what the galleries want from you. I find that the one's I've approached all want something a little different and can't be completely lumped into one grouping. And of course now galleries are getting to be old school and the internet (this is why I am here) is supposed to be the place to work from.

There are some things that are much better today than in the past and one of them is the internet and computers. I like the digital camera. I still remember taking film shots of my art work and doing a terrible job of it. Things are much better as far as that goes. I do like computers, when they work for you. I don't like the continual "upgrading" that someone seems to like doing.

Another thing that you are expected to be as an artist is a teacher. Sure some people are good at teaching. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. My Aunt was a great music professor at the University of Michigan. I didn't inherit that trait. I like being with people I know or one on one. As basically an introvert, I try really hard to connect with people. I don't find it easy. So teaching or public speaking are things that make me shiver just thinking about them. You want a painting? And you like what I do? Great! I'll keep painting and trying to get people's attention. As long as I can, because I find it is what I need to do.....